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Elizabethan Theater

Amphitheaters, Playhouses and

Information about and fascinating pictures of inn-yards, playhouses, and theaters have been included in this section. The most famous London Elizabethan Theaters  ( and the not so famous !) all have their own pages. Each theatre description and picture can be accessed via this page.

Elizabethan Amphitheaters, Playhouses and Inn-yards
The emergence and History of the Elizabethan Theater is covered in the following section. How Elizabethan Theatre emerged from strolling players to performing in the yards of Inns, or Inn-yards, to purpose built theaters based on the huge open air amphitheatres of Ancient Rome and Greece to the comfort of enclosed Playhouses.

Who were Theater entrepreneurs ? Why was there such a rise in the popularity of theaters ?

Elizabethan Theatres - Theaters, Amphitheatres, playhouses and Inn-yards
in London with names, pictures and descriptions

  • How and why did Theater become established ? What was the history ?

  • What was an inn-yard ?

  • What was a play house ?

  • What was an amphitheatre ?

  • What did the inn-yards, playhouses and theatres look like ? We have pictures of many of them!

  • Where were they all located in England ?

  • What happened to bear and bull baiting ?

  • What were the audiences like?

  • Who were the actors ?

  • Why did actors have such bad reputations ?

  • What was life like on the Elizabethan stage ?

  • Who owned Theaters ?

  • Who were the playwrights of the era?

  • Was Elizabethan theater entertainment and drama for both the rich and the poor of the era ?

  • Was drama, theatre and play going part of Elizabethan England daily life ?

Elizabethan Theater Facts
What were Elizabethan theaters really like ? For comprehensive facts on the interior and exterior structure, layout and design of the typical Elizabethan Theatre click the following link:

Elizabethan Theatre Facts - Structure and design

Information about Elizabethan Shakespearean Theaters
Theaters that we have featured include Theatre, The Swan, Newington Butts, The Curtain, The Rose, Gray's Inn, Middle Temple Inn, Whitehall, The Globe, The Boar's Head, The Red Bull, The Hope, Blackfriars, White Hart Inn, Bell Inn, Bear Garden, Salisbury Court, The Cockpit, Whitefriars, Bull Inn, Bell Savage, Cross Keys Inn, Paul's, George Inn, The Bull Ring ! We have provided as much information as possible, with pictures on each of these theaters.

Globe Theater
Swan Theatre
Newington Butts Theatre
The Curtain Theatre
The Rose Theatre
Gray's Inn Theatre
Middle Temple Inn
Whitehall Theatre
The Globe Theater
The Boar's Head Theatre
The Red Bull Theater
The Hope
Blackfriars Theater
The White Hart Inn Theater
The Bell Inn Theater
The Bear Garden
Salisbury Court
The Cockpit
The Bull Inn Theater
The Bell Savage Theater
Cross Keys Inn Theater
Paul's Theatre
The George Inn Theatre
The Bull Ring

The most famous Elizabethan Theater - The Globe
A full description of the old Globe Theaterdetailing the structure and layout together with a comparison to the new London Globe Theatre has been included where the Bard's plays are still performed. The comprehensive information on the new and old Globe is categorised and can be accessed from the section about Globe Theatre. This section of the site includes the following categories:

  • History of the Globe theatre  - construction and audience of the famous London Playhouse Theatre

  • Pictures from engravings of the Globe theatre by Van Vissher, Norden and Holler London Maps

  • Globe Theater Structure - Construction, design of theatres, stage, gallery, audience capacity and heavens

  • Globe Theater Timeline - Time line of original theatre built 1599 and re - built 1614 - key dates

  • New London Theater modelled on the original theaters - Pictures, stage, replica, model theatre

  • New Theater - Structure, layout, design, dimensions and construction based on the original theatre, London

  • New Timeline - Time line of the replica of  William Shakespeare theatre and Bear Garden Museum, Southwark

Elizabethan Playwrights, Plays and Actors
Contemporary playwrights and plays and actors have not been forgotten! Concise description of all the old London Theatres are available. 

Elizabethan Playwrights and Authors - Plays and Books by Christopher Marlowe,
Beaumont, Fletcher, Middleton and Kyd
Click here for information and Biographies of Globe Theatre and major Elizabethan Actors
We recommend this Elizabethan website for more information
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