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The Hope Theatre

Picture of the Bear Ring Amphitheatre at Bankside

The HopeTheatre - Elizabethan Amphitheatre
The Amphi-theatre was located on the Bankside in Southwark on the site of the Bear Garden. Philip Henslowe and Jacob Meade cleared the site and built Theater in 1613-14

The contract for the Hope, dated Aug. 29, 1613 survived (as did the contract for the Fortune Theatre) It describes the structure and indicates that, except for the movable stage which was a necessary feature because of its dual purpose as a bear-baiting ring, it was designed after the Swan Theatre.

It was agreed that  bearbaiting would occupy Theater only once every two weeks but the sport proved to be more profitable than the plays. Players to left Theatre after Henslowe's death in 1616. Theatre was rarely used for plays after 1616 but bearbaiting continued until 1656 when the Hope was closed as a result of several bearbaiting accidents. 

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