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William Shakespeare  Published Editions

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Selection of Published Editions of Shakespeare

1623 The First Folio (F1) 
1632 The Second Folio (F2) 
1663 The Third Folio (F3) Second issue of the F3 in the following year includes Pericles. 
1685 The Fourth Folio (F4)
1709 Nicholas Rowe's edition
1723-25 Alexander Pope's edition. 
1733 Lewis Theobald's edition. 
1734-5 Robert Walker's small-format editions of the individual plays
1734-6 Jacob Tonson
1743-4 Thomas Hanmer's edition.

1747 William Warburton's edition. 
1765 Samuel Johnson's edition. 
1767-8 Edward Capell's edition.
1773 George Stevens's revision of Samuel Johnson's edition. 
1773-4 John Bell's edition - Based on the prompt books then being used in the London theatres. 
1778 Isaac Reed's revision of Stevens's Johnson edition. 
1790 Edmond Malone's edition.
1791-1802 J. & J. Boydell's edition.
1795 First American edition published at Philadelphia. 
1807 Francis Douce's edition
1821 A revised edition of Malone, prepared by James Boswell.
1822-23 Pickering edition.
1838-43 Charles Knight's edition.
1859-60 Mary Cowden Clarke's edition.
1863-6 Clark, Wright and Glover Cambridge University Press edition.
1870-1911 William J. Rolfe edition 
1899-1931 W. J. Craig and R. H. Case's 'The Arden Shakespeare'.
1921-66 John Dover Wilson and Arthur Quiller-Couch's 'New Cambridge Shakespeare'.
1937-59 George B. Harrison's 'Penguin Shakespeare'.
1951 Peter Alexander's edition.
1956-67 Alfred Harbage's 'Pelican Shakespeare'. 
1974 G. Blakemore Evans's 'Riverside Shakespeare'.The edition most widely used among US colleges  
1986 Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor's 'Oxford Shakespeare'.
1995- Richard Proudfoot, Ann Thompson and David Scott Kastan's revision of the Arden (now known as 'Arden 3'). 

This selection of Collections of Shakespeare conveys the number of different editions of the Plays of Shakespeare that have been published. Editions may vary in content and variations are generally detailed and explained in the modern forewords.

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